Apple’s Vision Pro Headset: Selling Out at Lightning Speed! Discover the Hottest Mixed-Reality Tech of 2024!

Apple's Vision Pro AR Mind-Blowing Headset Sales - 200,000 in 10 Days! Future Tech or Overpriced Gadget?

Apple Inc. has officially launched preorders for its highly awaited Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, and the initial response from buyers indicates a strong demand, swiftly depleting the initial stock of the $3,499 device, according to Bloomberg. The product became available for purchase at 8 a.m. Eastern time on Apple’s website and mobile app, with delivery dates for all three models slipping to March 8-15 for online orders. The rapid sellout for in-store pickup on the first day at many locations suggests either robust demand, limited supplies, or a combination of both factors.

Expanded Configurations and Optional Accessories

In a move to provide more choices for consumers, Apple has introduced two additional configurations: a 512 gigabytes storage version for $3,699 and a top-end model with an expansive 1 terabyte of space for $3,899. The base model comes with 256 gigabytes of storage. To complement the headset, Apple will offer a carrying case for $199, additional batteries for $199, and extra bands priced at $99 each. However, the unique purchasing process mandates customers to use a recent iPhone or iPad to scan their heads and, if necessary, provide a vision prescription.

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Sales Expectations and Market Entry

While Apple typically refrains from commenting on the sales performance of new products, Wall Street analysts predict a measured start for the Vision Pro. UBS Group AG analyst David Vogt anticipates Apple shipping 300,000 to 400,000 units this year, generating up to $1.4 billion. Despite the high price tag, Apple’s sales expectations seem aligned with a slow and steady market entry. Initially available exclusively in the U.S., Apple plans to extend the Vision Pro’s availability to other markets, with the UK, Canada, and China among the first countries in line, according to Bloomberg News reports. Internally, Apple executives expect a strong opening weekend, with sales tapering off in the subsequent weeks.

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Premium Nature and Unique Fitting Process Challenges

Priced significantly higher than Meta Platforms Inc.’s latest device, the Vision Pro is positioned as one of the most expensive consumer headsets, emphasizing its premium nature. However, the unique fitting process poses a challenge for sharing the device with family and friends. A precise face scan is required to determine the optimal light seal and strap size for each user, with 25 different light seals and two straps available.

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