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From 12th Fail to Filmfare Glory: Vikrant Massey and Officer Sharma’s Unbelievable Journey Revealed!

From 12th Fail to Filmfare Glory: Vikrant Massey and Officer Sharma's Unbelievable Journey Revealed!

12th Fail

The film “12th Fail,” featuring Vikrant Massey, quickly gained popularity among the masses following its release. Based on the real-life story of IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma, the movie recently clinched several prestigious Filmfare awards.

Sweeping Filmfare Victories

The film’s success was marked by its triumph in multiple categories at the Filmfare awards. “12th Fail” secured accolades for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor (Critics), Best Editing, and Best Screenplay.

Officer Sharma’s Heartfelt Celebration

To commemorate the significant win, IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma expressed his joy in a sweet message shared on social media. In a tweet, he wrote, “Jab ek Manoj dusre Manoj ko apni Filmfare trophy dikhane laata hai, tab uss par aur bhi pyaar aata hai (When one Manoj comes to another Manoj to show his Filmfare trophy, then the love increases more).” Alongside the message, Officer Sharma posted a picture of himself and Vikrant Massey proudly holding the coveted trophy.

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Social Media Buzz

The celebratory post, shared on January 29, has garnered substantial attention on social media platforms. With close to five lakh views, over 23,000 likes, and numerous comments, the online community has enthusiastically embraced the success of “12th Fail.”

Commendations and Well-Wishes

Among the comments, one individual hailed the film as the “Best film of the year #12thFail,” while others extended their congratulations to the duo. A sense of anticipation for future accolades was expressed, with someone suggesting, “Sir abhi toh National award Milana baki hai (Sir, National Award is also left for now.)” Another commenter reflected on the inspiring moment, stating, “What a moment! Truly full of inspiration.”

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Heartfelt Praise for a Well-Deserved Victory

A final comment praised Officer Sharma, stating, “Well deserved sir. Your story and his acting were really heart touching. It was one of the best movies.” The widespread acclaim reflects the profound impact of “12th Fail” and the shared joy of its creators and audience alike.

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