Hindustan Zinc’s Silver Boom, Semiconductor Dreams, and Red Sea Resilience – Inside Their Mining Mastery!

Hindustan Zinc's Silver Boom, Semiconductor Dreams, and Red Sea Resilience – Inside Their Mining Mastery!

Arun Misra, CEO of Hindustan Zinc Limited, discusses the increased demand for silver in various industries and its role as an inflation hedge. The company achieves cost reduction in Q3 2024, attributed to factors such as lower import coal prices and strategic investments.

Hindustan Zinc’s Potential Expansion in Semiconductor Industry

The CEO addresses the company’s potential expansion in the semiconductor industry as a critical metals supplier. Hindustan Zinc expresses openness to bid in upcoming auctions for critical minerals blocks, aligning with its resource-to-metal strategy.

Factors Driving Spike in Silver Imports in India

The CEO explains the reasons behind the spike in silver imports in India, attributing it to the rising demand for silver as a precious metal. Silver’s popularity as a more affordable alternative to gold and its increased industrial use contribute to the import growth.

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Cost Reduction and Future Trends in Zinc Production

The CEO details the factors driving Hindustan Zinc‘s fourth consecutive quarter of cost reduction in Q3, including lower import coal prices, power plant upgrades, and increased ore grade. The discussion explores the company’s guidance on the continuation of this trend in the medium term.

Strategic Restructuring Plans

An overview of Hindustan Zinc’s ongoing strategic restructuring initiative aimed at unlocking potential value by creating separate legal entities for zinc and lead, silver, and recycling business verticals.

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Supply and Demand Strategy in the Commodity Cycle

Hindustan Zinc’s comprehensive strategy to secure supply and meet demand for zinc in the global commodities cycle. The company focuses on cost optimization, market shifts, and remains resilient despite price fluctuations.

Mining Expansion Plans and Timeline

A discussion on Hindustan Zinc’s mining expansion plans, aiming to fulfill the vision of 1.2 MTPA with ongoing major mining projects. The CEO outlines the expected timeline for capacity expansion and specific projects for key mines.

Impact of Red Sea Attacks on Exports

The CEO assesses the impact of Red Sea attacks on Hindustan Zinc’s exports, emphasizing minimal disruption due to diversified export destinations and alternative routes. The discussion addresses potential fluctuations in specific regions and the company’s preparedness to navigate challenges.

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