Shocking Resignations Rock SpiceJet! You Won’t Believe Why These Top Executives Stepped Down!


In a recent development, two senior executives have stepped down from SpiceJet, marking a significant shake-up within the company. This decision comes in the wake of controversy surrounding the emergence of a new airline company linked to their spouses.

Revelations of Spousal Ventures

Back in October 2023, social media platforms were abuzz with news regarding the establishment of Sirius India Airlines Private Limited. Interestingly, this new venture was spearheaded by the spouses of SpiceJet’s Chief Operating Officer, Arun Kashyap, and Chief Commercial Officer, Shilpa Bhatia.

Forced Resignations

Sources close to the matter have disclosed that these executives were compelled to resign from their positions. The rationale behind this move was the perceived conflict of interest arising from their spouses’ involvement in a rival business venture. Arun Kashyap tendered his resignation approximately a month ago, followed by Shilpa Bhatia stepping down shortly thereafter.

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SpiceJet’s Official Statement

In response to inquiries, a spokesperson for SpiceJet stated that the departures were part of the company’s strategic restructuring within its commercial team. Despite these changes, SpiceJet remains optimistic about its growth trajectory, emphasizing its robust revenue generation and load factor. Additionally, the recent influx of funds has expedited the resolution of past disputes, positioning the company for further expansion in the Indian aviation sector.

Denial and Clarification

SpiceJet has vehemently denied any involvement in the establishment or operations of Sirius India Airlines Private Limited. The company asserted that the newly formed entity has remained inactive since its inception and affirmed that any future endeavors would require SpiceJet’s consent.

Insight into Sirius India Airlines Private Limited

According to available data, Sirius India Airlines Private Limited is an unlisted private company registered in Delhi. With an authorized share capital of ₹21 million and a total paid-up capital of ₹1 million, the company is directed by Meenakshi Kashyap and Ajay Bhatia, spouses of Arun Kashyap and Shilpa Bhatia, respectively.

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Background of the Executives

Arun Kashyap, who commenced his second tenure at SpiceJet in April, served under the leadership of Chairman and Managing Director Ajay Singh. Meanwhile, Shilpa Bhatia, in her third stint at the airline, oversaw crucial aspects such as revenue management, sales, and network planning, reporting directly to Singh.

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