Poonam Pandey’s Death Revelation Exposed as Massive Publicity Stunt – The Truth Behind the Scandal Unveiled!

Shocking Twist: Poonam Pandey's Death Revelation Exposed as Massive Publicity Stunt – The Truth Behind the Scandal Unveiled!

Poonam Pandey’s Death : Poonam Pandey’s manager sparked controversy by declaring the model, actor, and reality TV star dead due to cervical cancer. However, Poonam herself debunked the news through Instagram videos, leading to widespread criticism.

Poonam’s Clarification: Denying Cervical Cancer Death, Raises Awareness

In response to the false news, Poonam stated she is alive and condemned the misuse of cervical cancer in a publicity stunt. She expressed concern for the lives lost due to the disease, emphasizing the importance of awareness.

Backlash on Social Media: Outrage Over Alleged Publicity Stunt

Twitter and Instagram users, along with celebrities, expressed outrage, accusing Poonam Pandey of orchestrating a publicity stunt. The online community labeled her actions as shameless, while friends from the industry condemned the insensitive joke.

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Celebrities Express Dismay: Industry Friends Unforgiving

Notable figures, including Kusha Kapila, criticized Poonam for the alleged stunt, hinting at an agency’s involvement. Industry friends are unwilling to forgive her, considering the incident as a breach of sensitivity.

Confusion Surrounding Poonam’s ‘Death’: Speculation and Family Silence

Initially mourned by fans and celebrities, Poonam’s ‘death’ raised suspicions of a stunt. Reports suggest her family is unreachable, further adding to the confusion surrounding the situation.

Manager’s Statement: Emphasizing Poonam’s Spirit Amidst Health Struggles

Poonam’s manager, Nikita Sharma, praised her commitment to work and spirit during health struggles. The statement urged prioritizing health, especially concerning preventable diseases like cervical cancer.

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KRK Dismisses Death News: Calls It a ‘Publicity Stunt’

Former actor and critic Kamaal R Khan dismissed Poonam’s death as a ‘publicity stunt,’ sharing a photo and video as evidence of her recent activities. His statement contradicted the earlier announcement.

Sambhavna Seth’s Shock: Colleague Expresses Unbelief

Reality show participant Sambhavna Seth expressed shock over Poonam’s alleged death, stating that Poonam never mentioned any health issues during their interactions.

Bodyguard’s Testimony: No Mention of Illness to Staff or Family Silence

Poonam Pandey’s bodyguard, Amin Khan, revealed in an interview that Poonam never mentioned her illness to him or her staff. He highlighted the family’s unavailability, adding to the mysterious circumstances.

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