2023 ford f-150 (Electric) is the world’s bestselling car in 2023. Know features and specification

the world's bestselling car in 2023

2023 ford f-150 : We are going to discuss about the bestselling car in 2023. You will be surprised to know the features of the car which has sold the most. The car is Ford Electric F-150 Lightning Pickup. This car is famous for its pickup capabilities (60 mph in just 4.0 seconds). The price of the 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning starts at $52,090 and goes up to $100,090. The features of this car are discussed below.

Motor of 2023 ford f-150 (Electric)

The F-150 Lightning lineup features standard dual electric motors and all-wheel drive. The Standard-Range battery yields 452 horsepower, while the Extended-Range option boosts it to an impressive 580 horsepower, with both setups delivering a peak torque of 775 pound-feet. Despite its substantial weight, the Lightning Platinum achieved remarkable acceleration, hitting 60 mph in just 4.0 seconds and covering a quarter-mile in 12.7 seconds at 107 mph.

Battery of of 2023 ford f-150 (Electric)

A 131.0-kWh battery can increase the range to 320 miles from the smaller 98.0-kWh battery’s 230 miles. In a highway range test spanning 75 miles, the Lightning Platinum managed to log 230 miles. 110- and 220-volt outlets are available for home charging, and the truck can be fast-charged at public DC stations in 44 minutes, going from 15% to 80%.

Fuel Economy of 2023 ford f-150 (Electric)

The F-150 Lightning Extended-Range has an EPA rating of up to 78 mpg in the city and 63 mpg on the highway; the Standard-Range models have a slightly lower efficiency rating of 76 mpg in the city and 61 mpg on the highway. Only 54 MPGe were observed during our time with the Lightning Platinum.

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Capacity for Payload

The maximum weight capacity for standard-range battery models is 7,700 pounds. For the standard range model, the payload capacity is as low as 2000 pounds, and for the extended range, it is as low as 1800 pounds.

Interior of 2023 ford f-150 (Electric)

The interior of the F-150 Lightning is largely similar to that of the F-150 powered by gasoline, but it is distinguished by having a roomier front-trunk cargo bay and a larger infotainment display. It is only offered as a crew cab with a 5.5-foot bed. It has a spacious trunk that can accommodate up to 400 pounds of extra cargo by taking up the space normally occupied by the engine.

Ford Electric F-150 Lightning Pickup is the world's bestselling car in 2023

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