Unleashing the Power of AI: Samsung’s Game-Changing Galaxy S24 Features Revealed! Is Apple Left in the Dust?

Power of AI

Power of AI : In a clear strategic move, Samsung has declared its unwavering belief in the indispensable role of artificial intelligence (AI) in propelling growth for premium devices. The Unpacked event, which kicked off recently, served as the stage for Samsung to emphasize its commitment to AI, overshadowing the unveiling of the new Galaxy S24 series until nearly half an hour into the event.

At the forefront of Samsung’s AI initiative is the Galaxy AI, an amalgamation of both local and cloud-based AI features designed to introduce a plethora of functionalities to the Galaxy S24 series. Notably, Galaxy AI proves especially beneficial for photo and video editing, offering capabilities such as object isolation, resizing, and even object removal in photos. The horizon level adjustment and generative AI use for image filling eliminate the need for cropping, rendering crooked photos obsolete.

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A standout feature of Galaxy AI is its ability to transform any video into a slow-motion 120fps video. Leveraging intelligent interpolation, Samsung’s camera AI bridges missing frames seamlessly, irrespective of the source video’s capture method or the camera used. This enhancement elevates Samsung’s slow-motion capabilities to new heights.

The collaboration between Samsung and Google has birthed compelling AI features for the Galaxy S24 series. One noteworthy addition is the “Circle to Search with Google,” allowing users to circle any item on the screen for instant Google search results. The integration extends to live two-way translation during phone calls, language translation through Samsung’s keyboard, nuanced message suggestions, live transcriptions in the voice recorder app, and intelligent summarization in the Samsung Notes app.

Recognizing the industry’s impending stagnation, Samsung is actively positioning itself in the vanguard of the AI revolution. In a year where AI dominates discussions, Samsung’s emphasis on Galaxy AI reflects a keen understanding of consumer expectations. By addressing the growing demand for more compelling functionality in premium devices, Samsung aims to keep pace with the evolving needs of its user base.

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Contrastingly, Apple’s traditional approach of perfectionism is increasingly being challenged by its competitors’ agility. Samsung’s past achievements, such as being an early entrant into the 5G and foldable phone segments, highlight the advantages of a swift and innovative approach. While Apple’s iPhone 15 models have recently hit the market, Samsung’s Galaxy AI is already setting the stage for a future where AI functionalities become a standard expectation.

As the AI smartphone race intensifies, Samsung’s collaboration with Google and its open approach to AI innovations position it as a frontrunner. Apple, with its closed model, faces challenges in keeping up with the dynamic AI landscape. Samsung’s commitment to expanding Galaxy AI to existing devices further underscores its dedication to leading the charge in AI integration, leaving Apple to play catch-up in the AI race.

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