Unleashing the Future: How GenAI Will Supercharge Software Testing by 2028! Revolutionizing Code Quality and Speed!


GenAI-based tools are predicted to revolutionize the landscape of software testing, with expectations that they will autonomously generate 70% of software tests by 2028. This anticipated surge in AI-driven testing is poised to significantly reduce the reliance on manual testing, leading to notable enhancements in test coverage, software usability, and code quality.

AI’s Impact on Testing Tasks in the Asia-Pacific Region

According to the latest IDC report, 48% of enterprises in the Asia-Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) region view code review and testing as crucial tasks where artificial intelligence can effectively aid developers in streamlining processes. The report emphasizes key areas where AI and machine learning can be leveraged in testing, including test prioritization, identifying the root causes of test failures, test case creation, and implementing self-healing and testing procedures.

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GenAI for Test Automation: Transforming Testing Procedures

GenAI for test automation involves the application of AI algorithms to generate and manage test scripts, ushering in more efficient and adaptable testing procedures. The report suggests that artificial intelligence will drive increased levels of automation in software development, with developers and DevOps experts leading the way in adopting this new paradigm.

Rapid Growth of Generative AI in the Asia-Pacific Market

The Asia-Pacific market for generative AI-assisted software development, encompassing code generation, user interface, testing, and other use cases, is experiencing rapid growth. Notably, countries such as China, India, and Japan are making substantial investments to enhance their software testing capabilities through GenAI tools and cloud service provider platforms.

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“Gen AI is poised to revolutionize the refactoring of legacy apps, with enterprises expected to utilize GenAI tools and cloud service providers to undertake 50% of code conversion and development tasks by 2027,” states Dhiraj Badgujar, Senior Research Manager for Digital Innovations, xOps, and Developer Strategies at IDC Asia/Pacific.

AI’s Pervasive Influence on Consumer Behavior

The IDC predicts that by 2026, over 50% of consumers will utilize AI through mobile devices to discover, evaluate, and purchase the majority of the products and services they desire. This underscores the growing influence of AI in shaping consumer interactions with technology.

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