Apple’s Jaw-Dropping Surprise at WWDC 2024: Brace Yourself for iOS 18 and Siri’s Mind-Blowing AI Upgrade!

Apple's Jaw-Dropping Surprise at WWDC 2024: Brace Yourself for iOS 18 and Siri's Mind-Blowing AI Upgrade!

In a highly anticipated revelation, Apple is rumored to introduce a groundbreaking update at this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) with the release of iOS 18 for iPhone. The Financial Times recently reported that Apple is poised to make a significant venture into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), specifically emphasizing generative AI, signaling a departure from its conventional approach.

Revolutionizing Siri with Apple’s Large Language Models (LLMs)

A key highlight of iOS 18 is speculated to be a revamped Siri, potentially powered by Apple’s proprietary Large Language Models (LLMs) and tentatively named AppleGPT. While competitors like Google and Samsung have already embraced AI integration in their smartphones, Apple has taken a more measured approach, diligently refining its AI technology in the background.

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According to Morgan Stanley analysts cited in the report, the forthcoming Siri update is expected to leverage generative AI. Igor Jablokov, CEO of AI Pryon and founder of Yap, commented, “They tend to hang back and wait until there is a confluence of technology, and they can offer one of the finest representations of that technology.”

Hints of Apple’s AI Ambitions

The report indicates that Apple has been dropping subtle hints about its AI aspirations. Analyst Jeff Pu predicts that generative AI will begin making its way to iPhones and iPads in late 2024. To support this initiative, Apple is reportedly constructing approximately 100 AI servers this year, with plans for more in 2024, signaling a shift towards cloud-based AI. Additionally, Apple is said to be developing on-device AI technology referred to as ‘edge AI.’

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Integration Across Apple’s Ecosystem

Apple aims to seamlessly integrate AI into various applications, potentially enhancing its ecosystem. Speculations include the introduction of auto-generated playlists on Apple Music, while productivity apps like Keynote and Pages may feature an automatic slide deck generation feature. Furthermore, Apple is reportedly exploring ways to incorporate generative AI into AppleCare, aiming to elevate customer support services.

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