Pokémon Company Takes Aim at ‘Palworld’ Game! Find Out the Explosive Details Inside!

The Pokémon Company announced its commitment to investigate and take action against any violations of its intellectual property rights, responding to the viral game developed by a Japanese studio that has been likened to “Pokémon with guns.”

The survival adventure game titled “Palworld,” created by PocketPair, allows players to employ firearms to capture and train adorable creatures known as “pals.” Currently in early access on Steam, the game has achieved significant success, selling over 8 million copies since its release on January 18.

While “Palworld” has garnered positive reviews for its gameplay, it has sparked discussions about perceived similarities with the beloved and family-friendly Pokémon series. PocketPair’s CEO, Takuro Mizobe, revealed concerns about the situation, stating, “We have received defamatory comments about our artists and some tweets that seem close to death threats,” in a post on X earlier this week.

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In response to the growing controversy, The Pokémon Company issued a statement addressing the situation. The company acknowledged numerous inquiries about another game released in January 2024, emphasizing its intention to thoroughly investigate and take appropriate measures against any actions that infringe on the intellectual property rights associated with Pokémon.

Established with investments from gaming giants Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures, The Pokémon Company remains vigilant in protecting its iconic intellectual property.

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