Google Unveils Bard Advanced AI Chatbot: A Closer Look at Features and Pricing

Bard Advanced AI

In a significant development, Google announced in December of the previous year its plan to introduce Bard Advanced AI chatbot, leveraging its potent Gemini Ultra large language model (LLM). Set to debut in early 2024, Bard Advanced promises to deliver a cutting-edge AI experience within Bard, granting users access to top-tier models and capabilities. The tech giant had previously hinted at launching a trusted user testing program before providing widespread access to Bard Advanced. However, recent revelations stemming from a chatbot glitch have shed light on additional details.

Bard Advanced AI Features: Complex and Superior Responses

According to a recent report from 9to5Google, Bard Advanced is positioned to provide “complex, better responses.” The glitch, which impacted Bard on a Thursday, unveiled the forthcoming version of Bard featuring support for Bard Advanced. It is suggested that users may soon have the option to choose between Bard and Bard Advanced by navigating to the top left of the page and selecting their preferred option.

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The glitch exposed Google’s strategy to position the original Bard for “simpler, faster responses” while designating Bard Advanced for “more complex, better responses.” This strategic move is further emphasized with the release of Gemini Pro, powering Bard and competing with GPT 3.5 from Open AI. Notably, Bard Advanced, fueled by Gemini Ultra, is anticipated to outperform Open AI’s GPT-4 across various benchmarks.

Gemini Ultra and Samsung Partnership

While awaiting further updates on Gemini Ultra, Google recently announced at the Galaxy Unpacked event that Samsung will be among the first partners to test Gemini Ultra. Positioned as Google’s largest model for highly complex tasks, it is expected to be available broadly to developers and enterprise customers later in the year.

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Potential Pricing Model for Bard Advanced

An earlier report, citing developer Bedros Pamboukian, hinted that Google might introduce a paid model for Bard Advanced. Pamboukian’s post on X suggested that Bard Advanced could be presented through a three-month trial, implying a potential subscription model for continued access post the complimentary trial period. A follow-up tweet by Pamboukian speculates a connection between Bard Advanced and Google’s subscription service, Google One. Examining Bard’s source code revealed a broken Google One URL, indicating the possibility of Bard Advanced being bundled with a Google One subscription or offered as an independent purchase option. The exact details of the pricing model are yet to be officially confirmed by Google.

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